Midland, Western Austarlia

Entry Privacy….Stylish and Elegant

Today we installed silver frost film to this home entry to give the customer much needed privacy. Made a very stylish and elegant statement to the entry of their home. The owners where horrified when the door mat was moved and saw the difference in their flooring.  Can you see…

Home Reno Ideas privacy while letting the natural light through.

Two different home owners had renovations to their bathrooms and needed just a little more privacy, but didn’t want to lose the natural light. With Frosted film it allows the light in but gives you the privacy you need.

Upgrading energy efficiency with SolarZone window films

Hanita Coatings’ SolarZone window films provide a comprehensive solution for upgrading the energy efficiency of glazing. Professionally installed on glass, SolarZone window films filter more than 80% of solar radiation passing through the glass to effectively reduce heat buildup, keeping interiors cooler and reducing HVAC system workloads. *Up to 30%…